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2/7/12 | 9:23 PM | 0 supehero saya
is this superr sweet or whattt? :') hope they last FOREVER! 
you have my prayers <3
gosh this is soo my dream relationship. 
My life is fucked up with lies.
My dream boyfriend is all I need right now..
the feeling you know. that feeling, I want it ;)
This is now my reason why I still believe in love..
i love you guys ^^
I am super happy for them. so sweet I think I'm going to cryyy
okay, boys. please be nice. Don't go play with people's heart kay? ;)
if anybody read this, (nobody will read this shit) lol
ILY :* I still believe in loveeee ^^
hoping for that special someone to make me smile when I cry,
to shed my tears, to hold me tight, to kiss goodnight <3

Thnks for reading my story :)

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